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Are you looking for a workout that can help you get fit while you tone your lower body — at home? How about a workout that you can do in any room of your house while you work, read, or watch TV? What about a workout that is zero impact and actually improves your overall fitness AND the health of your knees and hips? If you answered yes, you should check out The Scoop at

The Scoop is a revolutionary new product called a lateral trainer that can be used as an Under Desk Cycle – although it offers the user many benefits over traditional stationary cycles. The creators of The Scoop actually invented ‘Lateral Training” and they did it in order to improve on the designs of stationary cycles.

Stationary cycling is appealing because it is low impact and easy. For some, it can help eliminate joint pain and soreness after working out, but when it comes to strengthening and toning, it is very limited in its scope. A traditional stationery under desk cycle works the muscles on the front and back of the lower body only. The innovative design of The Scoop, on the other hand, engages more muscles during every motion. You work the front and back of the body, just as you would with an under desk cycle, but you also work the sides of the lower body. This gives you a better, more complete work out in the same amount of time. Because the lateral muscles are crucial to balance, it can also dramatically and quickly improve your balance and reduce your risk of falling. Under desk cycles just can’t do that.

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With The Scoop, you get all of the benefits of other pedal exercises and many more. In the first place, The Scoop is a zero impact resistance trainer, which means that you’ll never have to worry about joint damage while using it. By strengthening the hip and knees’ connective tissue and supportive muscles, it is proven to build stronger joints and improve your flexibility. Most important, The Scoop targets the muscle groups that other machines ignore, engaging all of your lower body muscles throughout its 360-degree rotation.

The Scoop is also customizable. Not only can you adjust the tension and speed of your workout with The Scoop, but you can also effortlessly switch the direction you are pedaling, alternating between focusing more intensely on your glutes and inner thighs or your glutes and outer thighs. The Scoop’s internal computer tracks your time, distance, speed, and calories burned during every workout.

Like many under desk cycle options, The Scoop can be used conveniently while you work on your computer or do paperwork at your desk, but it will outperform them. In addition, unlike other lateral trainers that cost thousands of dollars and require a large amount of space, The Scoop was designed to be an affordable, portable solution. It is the first lateral trainer that is widely available for home or office use. For more information on The Scoop visit their website at or call their team at 844-GOSCOOP.

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