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Want to learn a little bit more about clergy shirts? Well then, you’re in the right place. The two main types of shirts designed for clergymen and women and banded collar shirts and tab collared shirts, but why does it matter, and where did they come from?

For one thing, a banded-collared shirt is a shirt that has a thin band of fabric encircling the neck at the collar. Though the color of the shirt may vary according to style, personal preference, or the significance of the service, the band is typically white.

This stands in very slight contrast to the tab collared variety of clergy shirts, which instead of having a solid band of white fabric, have a small white tab insert, which is sometimes plastic. Having a removable collar makes washing the shirt easier, and it also demarcates the shirt as reserved for a member of the clergy. Again, the color of the shirt may vary, but the tab of the collar is almost invariably white.

So why the difference, and why does it matter? Well, the difference itself is somewhat stylistic, but the impression of a tab collar or a banded collar is nearly immediate and also universal. That is because for a long time – hundreds of years – these specially collared shirts have been the calling card of priests, particularly, in the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches. The force of habit of hundreds of years is powerful, and over time the image became synonymous with the clergy.

In addition to the differences in styles of the collars of these shirts, they also come in quite a range of colors. By far the most common and the most prevalent is black, for the same reason that black is common in cassocks and robes. It is a reminder of the secular services and responsibilities that the clergyman holds. In addition to black, there are other colors that are common, such as red, purple, and occasionally white. These are ceremonially important, but there are other colors that you can find in clergy robes as well.

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