Eviction of tenant | Adjustment of pagri amount at the time of eviction

Eviction petition—‘Pagri’ amount, payment of—Court below held that landlord was liable to return lump sum pagri amount of Rs. 500,000/- (Rs. 250,000/- for each shop) to the tenant—Validity—Half of the market value of shops had been paid as pagri to the landlord—Pagri amount paid for one shop was Rs. 75000/- and for other Rs. 250000/—Pagri amount was neither a security deposit nor the same could be adjusted against […]

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Second Suit for enhancement of maintenance allowance

2020 C L C 320 [Balochistan] Family Courts Act, 1964 had not barred the filing of a second suit for “enhancement” of maintenance allowance Ss. 5, Sched. & 17 —Civil Procedure Code (V of 1908), S. 11—Suit for “enhancement” of maintenance allowance—Second suit—Res judicata—Principle of—Applicability—Scope—Respondent filed suit for enhancement of maintenance allowance which was earlier […]

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