Are You Looking For Custom Knife Handles For Sale?


Knife handle scales are a crucial component of any knife build. The handle your knife uses controls how the knife interacts with your hand. If handles are uncomfortable, they can irritate your hand and if they are too sleek and smooth, they can be hard to grip. One way to change up the grip of your knife is to find custom knife handles for sale that are designed to fit your knife.

Now if you are thinking of replacing your knife handles, you are either looking to make an aesthetic change, a material change, or both. There are plenty of knife handle options available, but you need to find options that match your knife model and your needs. The first thing to consider is the material used to make the handle.

Natural handle materials are considered a classic option. Wood and leather were historically the two most popular handle materials. These natural materials are not only gorgeous, but they have been available throughout time. Most wooden handle upgrades are made using exotic hardwood species providing the user with a distinct look. Most natural materials are not as durable as some modern materials which is one of the reasons why synthetic handle materials have become so popular.

Plastic handles were common for a time, as they were inexpensive to produce and available in a wide range of styles. Many injection molded plastics can offer a great grip, but most plastic handles are made from cheap materials, making them susceptible to wear. Continued exposure to sunlight, water, and other natural elements can quickly degrade cheap plastic handles. Luckily, there are many different types of plastic.

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As plastics have advanced, new synthetic laminate materials have become a common option. These materials are created by impregnating various sheets of material with epoxy resin, layering them, and allowing them to cure under pressure. Micarta handles are manufactured this way using layers of paper, linen, or canvas. These composite materials make excellent knife handles because they are strong, completely waterproof, and chemical resistant. They can also be produced in a wide range of color options by coloring the resins used in their production. The appearance of the layers in these handles also help to produce a woodgrain like effect.

If you are looking to upgrade your knife, The Knife Connection has some amazing custom knife handles for sale for owners of knives from ESEE Knives, The Ontario Knife Company, and Becker Knives. Their handles are made from CNC milled G10 handle stock. G10 is a laminate material created by layering fiberglass sheets soaked in epoxy resin. This material was originally designed as a base for printed circuit boards, but knife makers have begun using it as a handle material because it is extremely strong and wear resistant. The Knife Connection offers their handles in a variety of colors including layered options.

You can find a wide variety of custom knife handles for sale under the handles section of The Knife Connection’s online storefront. They only create custom handles for a limited selection of knives, but they are precision machined to fit those knife models perfectly. You can even use their custom knife builder to choose the blades and handle colors on a knife from The Ontario Knife Company or ESEE Knives. If you have any questions about their knife handles or any of their other products, you can give their team a call at 1-814-297-8240 or send an email to [email protected]

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For more information about Great Eastern Cutlery Knives and Esee Knives Please visit: The Knife Connection.

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