An On The Go Water Softener Is Worth It


Unfortunately, the vast majority of areas in the United States are plagued by hard water, and hard water brings with it a slew of hardships. These apply to homes, and naturally, as your RV or camper probably has internal plumbing lines and may rely on local water supplies, they apply to them as well. In fact, campers can be at an even higher risk than domiciles when they rely on local water sources at campsites, as these sites often use well water that is packed with dissolved minerals from the ground.

In short, hard water is water that has an excess of dissolved minerals within its profile. Oftentimes, hard water is full of calcium, magnesium, lime, iron, and other minerals within its portfolio of solutes. While you could never tell just by looking at the water, if you run hard water through plumbing lines, appliance lines, or fixtures for a long period of time, you will eventually begin to notice some of hard water’s deleterious effects.

If you’ve ever noticed that white, somewhat chalky residue that builds up in sinks, on dishes, and on other plumbing fixtures, that’s called water scale and it is a dead giveaway for hard water. Hard water scale is not only unsightly and unpleasant to look at, but it can accumulate in places where you can’t see it and do damage far beyond the aesthetic.

For example, hard water scale can build up inside of pipes and diminish their flow rate. This can also put an undue strain on the pipes as the diminished flow rate increases the pressure on the pipes commensurately. If you ever have to manage a broken pipe or just a pipe that needs to be replaced due to scale aggregation, it can cost you unpleasant sums.

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At the same time, if you’re constantly fighting scale building on your sink and on appliances, you will need to spend extra time cleaning them to keep them bright. Over time, scale building can adversely affect the overall value of your camper or RV as well. Managing water’s hardness levels can also leave you with cleaner and softer clothes and hair and skin as well, as these minerals can get into laundry and even cause problems like dry skin.

Rather than spending the extra time cleaning your RV and otherwise combating the intrusive effects of hard water, you can make a small investment in an On The Go Water Softener system for your RV. Options like their On-The-Go Double Standard Portable Water Softener are designed for just about any type of RV and are easy to use and connect.

An On The Go Water Softener can not only help you prevent scale buildup, it can prevent rust stains all while improving the taste and odor of your water as well. Installing an On The Go Water Softener like the model mentioned above does not require the use of any specialized tools or electricity, and the small investment you make in time and money can pay itself back many times over. It uses easy to add, common table salt to soften the water and can soften up anywhere from 500 to 1600 gallons of water before you need to recharge it. In short, it’s an easy to use solution for hard water that can damage your RV or camper over time.

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