Affordable Belden Fire Alarm Cable Available Online


Safety is something that everyone should take seriously no matter what industry you are in. While it is not something we always think about in our day to day lives, safety devices like fire alarms are all around us and require a certain standard of quality to function when needed most.

When it comes to ensuring your safety systems are reliable and functional, you need Belden fire alarm cable or a product that is equally as well-made. You can’t take chances with the wiring of farm alarm systems, so investing in the right quality of wire is necessary in order to stay up to code.

What Makes Belden Fire Alarm Cable Worth It?
Proper fire alarm cables are designed to meet certain electrical standards as set by the National Fire Protection Association as well as the National Electrical Code (NEC). This is to ensure that they function correctly in certain conditions that other wire may malfunction at. These kinds of wires are not interchangeable, because common electrical wire is not designed the same.

Belden fire alarm cable, like most cable, comes in a variety of different forms to meet specific needs depending on where in a building it will be installed. Fire alarm cables in general however all meet a certain standard when it comes to being heat-resistant as well as resistant to interference. Because fire alarm systems as well as other kinds of security cables must function specifically under uncommon conditions, there is no substitute for them.

In terms of real-world applications, fire alarm systems must continue to function even in case of emergencies. In the presence of increased temperatures and possibly other harsh elements, this kind of cable must be more durable than average. Certain standards are in place to ensure that such wire meets higher standards and is designed specifically to operate in extreme temperatures, anywhere between -20C to 60C.

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Your Reliable Fire Alarm Cable Source
If you are in need of reliable fire cables for your security system installation project, you can easily find what you need online. At EWCS Wire, you will find a robust selection of alarm cables that suit a multitude of needs. Their equal-to-Belden fire alarm cables are manufactured specifically for use in security systems and meet all National Electrical Code requirements.

You can’t afford to go without the right cables when it comes to any project, let alone something security-related. It’s important that when you are working on any kind of electrical system, that the right cables are always used. You can’t break the specifications of wire down to voltage and AWG alone, as there are many safety specifications built into the different varieties of wire that are there for a reason. When installing a fire alarm system, the last thing you want is to risk a malfunction or wire failure at the most critical time, when there’s an actual emergency.

EWCS Wire carries all of the different types of wire you need to complete any project. There’s no reason to go without the equipment you need to get he job done right every time. If you are looking for Belden quality security cable, you can find what you need at an unbeatable price over at Their store is second-to-none in terms of quality and selection.

Regardless of the nature of your security project, you can find what you’re looking for from a reliable cable source such as EWCS Wire. Contact them today at 800.262.1598 to find the fire alarm cables you need to make sure your security system runs flawlessly.

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