A Look at a Few LT Wright Handcrafted Knives

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If you are a fan of well made knives and you are not already familiar with LT Wright handcrafted knives, then you are missing out. Lt Wright is a knife maker whose entire team is dedicated to the art of creating amazing knives by hand. Every knife they make is the result of testing different designs, grinds, and materials to ensure that these knives will perform as intended.

Before we dive into these incredible knives, it’s worth taking a look at the brand itself. LT Wright was founded by its namesake, LT Wright. LT started his knifemaking journey by building a knife from a kit and his passion for knife making grew the more he learned and the more tools he acquired. Eventually, he found himself with a well stocked knifemaking shop and decided to quit his day job and start making knives full time.

Now LT Wright handcrafted knives are made by LT’s talented team of craftsmen under his expert supervision. Today we are going to be looking at a few popular models from LT Wright Knives so you will know where to start if you are interested in finding an expertly crafted knife.

Genesis – The Genesis is one of LT Wright’s most popular models, which is one of the reasons why they offer these knives in many different styles. The standard Genesis has a 4.5 inch spear point AEB-L stainless steel blade. At 9 inches overall, these knives are great workhorses that can handle almost anything you need to tackle in the great outdoors. You can find plenty of variations on this knife model including different grinds and other members of the Genesis family like the Gen 2-6 and the GNS.

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Bushcrafter – Another knife built with the outdoorsman in mind, the Bushcrafter has a 4.25” spear point knife constructed from A2 tool steel. This steel alloy holds its edge well and has a 5% chromium content to help resist corrosion. These knives are perfect for tackling all of your campsite chores and each Bushcrafter comes with a convenient dangler pouch sheath.

Patriot – If you are not looking for a big survival knife, the Patriot is a great smaller EDC fixed blade option. These knives have a 2.375” A2 blade with a spear pointed design. At only 5.75” overall, the Patriot is the perfect compact fixed blade for performing a wide range of everyday tasks. Each Patriot comes with a convenient pouch sheath, so you can comfortably carry it wherever you go.

Second Amendment – The Second Amendment is a unique blade design from LT Wright. These knives have a 2.8125” D2 tool steel blade. This drop point blade has a small section cut out along the spine. This neat little feature is the perfect place to anchor a thumb or index finger during use so you can get more control when using your knife. The rest of the spine still features a sharp 90 degree edge for striking a firesteel and the handle is still large enough to offer a solid four finger grip.

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