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A guide to laser cicatrices treatment

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There is an ample number of skincare ingredients and products that help in fighting pigmentation, acne and acne scarring. All these treatments are proven to be beneficial and produce tangible results.

Laser cicatrices acne treatment is something more than just a formal kind of cure or remedy. The laser is a process that involves amplification of light by stimulated emission of radiation. It includes a powerful light bulb that is flashed through a filter. The laser is derived from the different layers that absorb the entire spectrum of light. It is important to note that each color performs a different function within the skin.

To get the best results you will have to go through the complete laser treatment which is anything between 6 to 8 sessions. You should also know that not all lasers are suited for every type of skin. The Futon laser caters to every type of skin.

What to expect from a laser cicatrices acne treatment?

Let us go through the things that you can expect after a successful laser cicatrices acne treatment.

  • Results vary- You shouldn’t expect to see your skin clearer compared to another individual who has gone through the same treatment. This is due to the fact that results vary from person to person.
  • Do not expect to see 100% clearing- Studies suggest that acne can be reduced by the laser cicatrices acne as well as other light treatments. But you should also remember that these treatments cannot cure all your acne alone. You will also need to follow the recommendation of your doctor regarding medicines and ointments.
  • Go through a series of treatments- To get the best results you will need to go through a series of multiple treatments.
  • Follow up treatment might also be required- To maintain and preserve the long-lasting results of your acne treatment it is better for you to go through follow up procedures once or twice a year.
  • There’s a possibility of side Effects- Swelling and redness are customary post-treatment. There have been cases when patients have complained of burning and stinging of the skin. Though they have usually been mild and have disappeared within a few hours. Other rare side effects include blisters and lingering pain.
  • You need to stick to the doctor’s instructions strictly- To ignore side effects dermatologists prefer to give instructions pre and post-treatment. It is very essential for you to strictly follow the regime.
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The laser cicatrices acne treatment has been a promising treatment so far. Patients with severe acne cysts have seen miraculous results when laser therapy was incorporated into their treatment plans. The treatment focuses on the top layers of your skin so that the scar tissue can be broken. The treatment is also said to encourage the growth of new skin cells that replaces the scar tissue. People with wrinkled skin are not ideal candidates for such a form of treatment. That is why it is always recommended to consult an experienced and quality dermatologist.

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