6 features of best UX design for web design in 2020.


UX website – how to do it right?

Read my article below to learn how to design best UX for website.

What to pay attention to when designing UX for website

User Experience design is a basic concept related to website design that everyone familiar with website optimization should know principles which I will talk about in this article. In general, it is designing the experience of website and application recipients. What is meant by “designing experiences”? And what important elements build the above experiences?

UX design evokes in the user a positive experience related to the site, which translates into increased sales, creation of a positive brand image, or the recipient’s willingness to contact and make a deal. To achieve the best results by creating a positive experience for the recipient, we supposed to focus on the following elements in web design. If you are interested in web design principles in terms of business web design – feel free to read one of my articles.

Remember about mobile devices.

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UX website – how to do it right?

My website design is flexible, responsive. Responsive – easily adapt to the type and screens of the mobile device. What is important for a responsive website? A designed content layout that will facilitate website navigation, the size of buttons suited to the user’s hand, or the size of the page that does not burden the devices (smartphone or tablet).

Freelancer is a man who can act in many ways, is involved in his tasks, motivated and hard-working. Lack of free time? At first, for sure – it’s not worth deluding yourself that freelance work is hanging out in a cafe waiting for inspiration, so if you want to achieve or maintain financial liquidity, better focus on hard work. Read more about responsive web design

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Simple navigation – that’s it!

Freelance web designer HullThe intuitive sitemap, clear content layout, easy accessibility and convenience of navigating the page content – all this affects the quality of the website. If the page contains a lot of content, due to the specifics of the industry, the search bar is the perfect solution. Using the search bar, the user has an easier task of accessing the information he is looking for. You can see an example of simple website navigation on the landing page of my website

Clear and intuitive

UX for the website – take appropriate actions.

Pop-ups appearing on the page, redirecting buttons that are difficult to notice, graphic elements obscuring the content – all this undermines the attractiveness of the website and negatively affects the user experience. Content that prompts the user to take a specific action, or rather a crowd of them, often causes undesirable action. The recipient, overwhelmed by the excess of messages attacking him, instead of browsing your site, will simply turn it off.

The right choice of words

An important aspect of the site in the area of its usability is the substantive layer and in particular the language in which you communicate with your potential customers. Appropriate word creation will interest the user and encourage him to browse the page, ultimately prompting him to take a specific action. In the entire communication process, the content directed to the recipients must be clear, directly presenting the offer or a given product.

Page loading without delay

UX website – how to do it right? Page loading time

When designing responsive websites, I always emphasize the speed of loading them. My modern web development tools allow me to alleviate the conflict between design and fast and trouble-free loading of the site.Across the internet, you can find an enormous amount of page speed testers, one of my favourite and highly recommended is Google Lighthouse. Another useful tool related to website performance also released by Google is Page Speed Insight. Further, if you are interested in the tool which is not released by Google, I sincerely recommend GT-Metrix

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Necessary minimum

Web designer HullThe less and the simpler the better. To maximize the user’s positive feelings about your site’s content, it’s important to limit it to the minimum necessary. Simplify contact forms by limiting them to basic fields. If you need more data from your potential customers, divide the form into several parts. When dividing the form, it is important to include information on the number of stages that the recipient must go through.

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