6 Boho Pink Pieces To Get That Perfect Spring Bohemian Look


Spring can be one of the most difficult seasons to dress for. It’s the time between the winter and the summer where mornings and evenings are cool and days are warm. If you layer on too many clothes, you’ll end up overheating, while if you don’t layer on enough clothes, you’ll end up getting the chills. One of the most versatile pieces that any truly fashionable woman has in her closet is a jumpsuit. And Boho Pink has Casual Jumpsuits For Women that are perfect for that spring weather.

To start you off with prepping for your spring wardrobe, we’ve compiled a list of 6 pieces from Boho Pink that would like great together or individually.

Stevie Navy Striped Aprons Tie Back Jumpsuit

Whether by the sea or in the city, this jumpsuit fits all types of scenery. The loose fit and woven fabric keep you covered while allowing you to move with comfort and ease and lets your body breath. This jumpsuit features a navy rayon fabric with white horizontal stripes and a tie back. The wide legs move with you and add to the bohemian aspect of the look.

Mandie Vanilla Cream Crew Neck Knit Sweater

While the jumpsuit keeps your legs covered, it leaves your back and arms exposed. This knit sweater is an excellent pullover to those chilly spring mornings and evenings when the sun goes down. It pairs perfectly with the Stevie Navy Striped Aprons Tie Back Jumpsuit and can be worn with a variety of other outfits. Available in cream and grey, this sweater features a crew neckline and dolman sleeves with a slightly cropped bodice.

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Sophisticated Strands Necklace Set

After you’ve chosen your jumpsuit and sweater, you’ll need to add accessories. Boho Pink’s Sophisticated Strands Necklace Set is the perfect addition to this, or any, outfit. It features 2 layered necklaces with two chains that drop down the front, accented by rhinestones. This 18K gold plated necklace will stand out when paired with the Mandie Vanilla Cream Crew Neck Knit Sweater and the Stevie Navy Striped Aprons Tie Back Jumpsuit.

Ionian Evil Eye Choker

While the Sophisticated Strands Necklace Set hangs a bit lower, this Ionian Evil Eye Choker will keep your neck accessorized all while bringing you good luck and keeping you out of evil’s way. This necklace features a gold chain with beads forming an evil eye at the front center.

Eye See You Wrap Ring

So you have your jumpsuit, sweater, and necklaces. Now, you need to add an accessory to your hands. Boho Pink has the Eye See You Wrap Ring that matches with the Ionian Evil Eye Choker to help protect your body and soul. This gold plated ring features a dangling evil eye pendant with a blue stone eye detail inset.

Belmar Woven Blue Crossbody Bag

At this point, your outfit is pretty much all set. Only one thing missing as you walk out the door: a purse. This Belmar Woven Blue Crossbody Bag features a bohemian diamond pattern and is just the right size for your daily essentials.

To see these pieces and more casual jumpsuits for women, sweaters, tops, bags, and accessories, visit BohoPink.com today!

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