5 things To Avoid in Quarantine Ramadan

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There is no doubt in the fact that we are going to have a different Ramadan lifestyle this year amidst the troubles of the novel Coronavirus.  As we are constantly listening about the need of lockdowns, social distancing and quarantine, so we have to spend this blessed month within our homes.

Be mindful that we are not going to have festive religious gatherings, parties and excessive shopping.  This time we also have to compromise on our religious habits of offering prayers in Mosques due to the stoppage of rapid Corona spread in public worshipping sites.

This year has also been very sad for the devoted God fearers who desperately wanted to spend this Holiest month on their holiest sites of Makkah and Madinah. But being a truest Muslim, the maintenance of hope with a blindfolded trust on Allah (SWT)’s plans is an inevitable part of his/her life. It must be an indelible belief of a truest Muslim that whatever good or bad happens, happens for our own good. These difficult days shall pass. Be hopeful that next year would be far better and positive for the whole mankind.  Intend and pray to have a sound and blissful Umrah 2021 next year with the positive vibes.

Spread Positive Vibes this Quarantine Ramadan

Consider this in home Ramadan a golden opportunity to enlighten your hearts and houses with the name of Allah (SWT). It is the time to go for a true character building through positive thoughts and virtuous habits that please the Allah Almighty. This long –awaited month is the time of mercy and forgiveness to Allah (SWT).  So revive your hearts with a stronger bond to Allah (SWT).

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We know that we have got this spiritual guest month in the challenging days of threatening Corona illness. But it is highly suggested not to let this Corona anxiety ruin your Ramadan spirit. It is also advised to try to shun some bad or unfavorable habits that act as potential obstacle during this month of blessings.

5 Not to do Things during Ramadan

Here are some objectionable things you must shun or avoid to do during this month.

Don’t Abuse

Constantly being home bound may sadden your mood. So the mood swings or annoyance is something natural. But it is highly suggested to control your anger especially in this holiest peaceful month and don’t use the abuse language.

Don’t Oversleep

Many of us in prefer to pass the long fasting hours with oversleeping. This objectionable act actually ruins our Ramadan spirit. Instead of doing this, we must lessen our sleep time in order to spend more in prayers, Dhikr and worships. It just like a mere 30 days guest month that comes to us with immeasurable blessings. So we must leave no stone unturned to avail of this month to the full.

Don’t Indulge in Worldly Affairs

This spiritual month is the golden time to get the best of the best from Rehmah of Allah (SWT).  So especially during this special fasting month, you must avoid listening to music and watching the deceptive glamorous stuff that deviate you from imbibing the true spirit of Islam.

Don’t Despair or Complain

Remember that a truest Muslim doesn’t despair from the mercy of Allah (SWT).  He never loses the grip of Allah’s rope even until his last breath.  So don’t complain about your difficulties to Allah (SWT).  Troubling times always pass.  So tend to be more thankful to Allah (SWT)

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Don’t indulge in meaningless Talks

It is highly suggested not to get indulge in meaningless conversations because these may lead you to gossiping and backbiting. These two wrongdoings are disliked in Islam.  Instead of doing this, spend this time in worshiping and remembrance of Allah to get the best in this life and afterlife.

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