Laser Marking

5 Advantages of Laser Marking: Get Precise and Permanent Marking


Laser part marking delivers a highly readable marking effect that enables permanent traceability with a laser beam.  Pertaining to this function, there are variety of job that are distinguished, like removing, engraving, staining, foaming and annealing. Of course, depending on the product and material- the quality of the product is utmost to practice the High-speed laser coding machines requirement. Presently, with the laser cutting technology, we can do a lot of things and a whole new revolutionized formula offers a multiple custom needs and manufacturing developments.

  1. Affordable marking solutions: A laser marker can save your money a lot as it is permanent and there is minimal cost to run the machine. There is no extra colour or fluid treatment required. Moreover, the laser work doesn’t make any tear or wear of the material and can be practiced on a wide range of materials. Such work also doesn’t need the machine owners to invest on a lot on manpower, and it performs high-speed operations.
  2. Put mark-up design on multiple surfaces with distance: The best part with laser work is that the user can engrave anything over the surface with no contact. Yes, you heard it right! Get anything over the preferred subject and customized accordingly to manage marking over the surface. As it is performed with focused light, the creating tool doesn’t make any contact while printing. As the laser tool has got multiple lens combination, the marker can define variant design with the designated laser technologies to print mark on diversified materials.
  3. Permanent marking solutions: Products like leather, metal or any kind that are tough and has longer shelf-life can sustain the laser marking. The marking system works wonder if the quality of the material can hold the design. For other environmental conditions, the clients focus more on laser marking systems to achieve a permanent solution as the marking does not get off during long and tedious road journey.
  4. Distinct Readability: The precision of the laser tool is brilliantly distinct and make a clear marking that is readable and clear enough to grab attention. Surprisingly, the tiny form of marking with laser technology is clear enough got the readers. Given any size, be it minimum or maximum, the Online Laser Marking Machine can design, such as elegant pattern, 2D images, product information, numbers and more that are required to print for permanent with maximum clarity. It can also print hundred percent scannable barcode/QR code on any surface.
  5. Performs various applications: Specifically engineered for providing high-density as well as low density mark over the materials, the laser marker is coded to perform based on the material and the purpose. Such applications that needs variable laser coding machines are:
  • Pharma: Glass vials, Blisters, Surgical Gloves, Mono-cartons, Metal caps on vial, etc.
  • Plastic extrusion: Insulations, door and window sealings, product hoses, pipes, profiles etc.
  • Electronics: Controllers, (semiconductors) sensors, appliances, power supplies, electric, etc.
  • Consumer packaged goods: Food, beverages, cosmetics, etc.
  • Automotive: Fittings, plastic components, covers, closures, sensors, labels hoses, tubes, etc
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The benefits of Online Laser Marking Machine are impeccable, and as it is mentioned that it can engrave high-quality print on any given subject, it is highly recommended by the printing industry to provide permanent and precise mark for long-lasting impact.

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