3 Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Surge Protector for RV


If you’re in the planning stages of an RV vacation, you’ve come to the right blog! The summertime is one of the most popular times of year for RV vacations with the family, and with all the excitement going around, it’s easy, even for RV veterans, to forget an item that’s easy to forget about even when you’re back home.

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When you’re packing up, don’t forget a surge protector! One of the best things about RV traveling is being able to bring a few of the luxuries of home with you on the road to distant, beautiful locales. If you don’t have an RV surge protector, you could find yourself with damaged electronics much more easily than you would at home.

Think about it: on the road, you’ll be switching between battery and wired electricity, you’ll be visiting more remote locations whose electricity could experience fluctuations during a storm, and your RV isn’t as solid as your house since it can be transported so easily. All of these things factor in to why you should definitely have a Surge Protector For Rv on hand.

Now that we’ve explored the why of surge protectors for RV, it’s time to explore the “buy.” Before you can get a product you’re satisfied with, you need to know what to look for. Thankfully, this quick guide will have you shopping like a pro in no time at all!

1. Is It Insulated?
One of the most important factors of an RV surge protector is whether or not it’s been properly built for the elements. While many RV lots have covered or indoor electrical hookups, not all do, especially in more remote locations. An insulated, weather-proof surge protector will make sure the surge protector is ready to go in the case of a surge. Each different surge protector uses a different type of weatherproofing, so make sure to read the details closely.

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2. To Display or Not to Display?
Some surge protectors come with an internally-powered LED display that can help you identify if there are issues in your connection, if the surge protector has been tripped, or if there has been damage to the surge protector itself. Not everyone prefers to have a display, since they do tend to increase the base price, but if you’re not familiar with electrical systems, having an LED display can be a lifesaver in the heat of the moment.

3. Warranties and Performance Guarantees
One of the most important factors in choosing a good surge protector is the warranty and performance guarantees that back it. Companies should be willing to stand behind their product. Most companies do, and if they don’t, the product isn’t worth your consideration. Good surge protectors will offer a certificate of guarantee that states the levels of current and kinds of conditions they can handle, and if they do not do their job, they will be replaced. Often, quality products will offer warranties that extend beyond the surge protector to the devices connected to it!

You can see how the performance guarantee and product warranties are important in this circumstance. Thankfully, most manufacturers and sellers do stand behind their product, but you can never be too safe! Always do your research before you buy – that includes the manufacturer’s policies as well!

If you’re feeling ready to start shopping, head on over to RVupgrades.com, their team of RV professionals will help you get the quality product you need, today. You’ll get all the specs, information, and confidence you need to get your electronics protected for a fantastic vacation out on the open road. Here’s to many long RV journeys across the beautiful United States of America!

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