10 reasons why CMS will die in 2020 according to the trends


What is CMS?

Read my article below to learn about the disadvantages of CMS in 2020

Unavoidable death of content management systems

Freelance affordable web designer HullCMS, or content management system is mainly designed for blogs. It allows easy editing and adding content. It mainly refers to the content, i.e. texts, multimedia files and graphics. Depending on what permissions we give the user, he will have different options for modifying the content on the page. Further, WordPress is a visual editor that reminds us all of the well-known Microsoft Word.

Why WordPress is outdated?


Let’s start from the advantage – WordPress is distinguished by its ease of use and the way it adds content.

Unlike in case of the website from scratch which gives unlimited possibilities and fast loading time, we don’t need to know languages like HTML, CSS, javaScript or PHP to use it. All operations take place graphically – in a panel on drag and drop basis.

Unfortunately, above-mentioned fact limit possibilities which programming gives to the designers and programmers, almost all of the time, when the website is designed using CMS the graphic layout looks the same or similar – what makes your website unable to stand out from the crowd. The user, while visit the WordPress template website have the feeling that he already visited this website in the past and probably recall of bad experience related to the previous website which left an unconscious remark in his mind. It’s a huge WordPress disadvantage – (read more on Quora.com), especially for companies which want to build a strong reputation across the internet. World-class companies never use CMS to designed and develop their websites. In addition, CMS will not allow implementing award-winning web design effects which are the hook for the visitors.

WordPress community

In case of the issue – visit WordPress forum to solve the problem

WordPress has one of the largest online communities of this type, which translates into good technical support in English, as well as in many different languages around the world. A huge number of users are also available in the discussion forum, where you can solve your problem or learn how to use new services.


The fundament of WordPress – automated paid plugs.

The script has thousand free and paid plugins available on its home page, thanks to which WordPress has become a CMS and not just a regular blogging script. The plugins which are available for free are mainly designed by anonymous developers who do not provide support in case of plugin breakdown. Their number is constantly increasing. Using plugins, you can expand the functionality of WordPress website template with various functions such as, the ability to automatic translation of languages on the site which also harm the reputation simply because automatic translation is still far from perfect in 2020.

Bulk generated Templates

Why you should not use CMS templates when you want to stand out from the crowd

Web designer HullOn the WordPress home page, you can choose from different templates that will quickly and easily change the look of your page. If you are looking for a brochure – one-page website, the free template allows you to fulfil your needs. There are both free and paid templates. Paid ones often offer more functionality, additional functions or simply a more interesting look, but remember that millions of websites have been already designed using CMS and they are existing across the internet network, to stand of the crowd you definitely need custom website design what is impossible using CMS.

SEO friendly

WordPress is an excellent platform for bloggers whose marketing activities are focused mainly on the Internet. It is ideal for teenagers that publish on their pages a lot of content related to gaming, funny videos, etc. Due to fact, that source code of CMS website templates is generated by algorithms the page speed and rendering is terribly slow what makes website hard to position in Google Ranking – without expensive plugins you have got no chance to appear in top 100 – yes, 100 not top 10. In 2020, Google announced that one of the three main Search Engine Optimization is Page Speed, to allow mobile devices to quickly load the website. You can learn more about the crucial aspect to pay attention to when designing a company website.

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There are many reasons why WordPress is so popular. The main one is the ease of use. The majority of web design agencies use WordPress to create the website for their customers because is extremely easy, you can make a template website in few hours using CMS and charge hundreds or thousands of pounds – sounds like the gold mine doesn’t it? Nobody cares that the client will have a problem with page speed, SEO and the fact that template will decrease the brand reputation.

The advantage is the fact that the client if he has sufficient amount of time, can become a website editor without many studies.

Wix website generator

Web designer HullWix is a website builder that has been operating on the global market since 2006. This is the world’s most popular website creation wizard. Often, its functionality is compared with WordPress, because it offers several possibilities that other page creators simply do not have. In the following article, we will check what opinions and possibilities Wix have and whether it is worth using it.

According to ostraining.com, over 1,000,000 pages have already been created using the Wix website builder in 2019, probably more than WordPress. In addition to already designed templates built using the Wix page builder without possibility to customize before paying for extra addons, we get all the tools needed to properly develop the website but, be aware of charges before you will make your website fully functional.

Click and create a page in Wix Wizard

Web designer Hull

Who is the Wix website generator for?

Creating pages using the Wix page builder is very intuitive. Immediately after choosing the subject of the website, we are directed to sample templates that we can use for free. Wix Website Creator has paid business templates for both consulting companies and advertising agencies. They are extremely beneficial to the eye, and they can easily be “customized”.

We will find modules for business, restaurants, hotels or various types of artists, photographers and musicians. These are among others: Internet shops portfolio Business cards Blogs and Internet forums Just select the template that interests us and we can start editing. After choosing the template editing option, we are automatically redirected to customization. In the Wix editor, we can check the appearance of our website on the desktop and phone in one place. Just be aware that one particular template has been used a thousand times before by other Wix users.

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In the edit panel of our site, we can set the visibility of individual sub pages and check Google live view. We have all the necessary tools in the side panel. However, if we run out of functionality, we can easily find it in the AppMarket.

The offer of Wix website generator

Web designer HullWix Website Creator has over 90 million users around the world. Creating a page in the wizard is done using the “Drag and drop” technique. Besides, using the services of the Wix wizard, we do not have to worry about hosting or the security of our website – but, be aware that if you want to migrate your website from the domain www.yourwixusername.wixsite.com/yourdomainname fe: https://pawel703pe.wixsite.com/developyourself You will have to pay the charge. Creating websites using the wizard Wix offers comprehensive support in the implementation of a website to a fully functioning website. This tool has its application store, so-called Appmarket, where we can find many free non-supported applications and additional paid extensions that will multiply the functionality of your website.

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