07 Things Every Indian Definitely Do On Diwali


Diwali, one such festival that comes every year to spread happiness, light and excitement in every Indian’s life. This festival is celebrated by every Indian regardless of caste, religion or race. Yes, that is the beauty of this festival. This festival is awaited by everyone since it is less of a festival but more of an opportunity to unite with our relatives, friends and loved ones. Is it just me or does anybody else feel that Diwali is a warm festival? By that, I don’t tend to talk about temperature but it is a festival that brings people closer, fills everyone with sheer happiness and positivity and also spreads widely shared values. For me, Diwali is a festival of lights, gifts, desserts and of course Diwali sweets. However, there are many other elements of this festival which have not been mentioned anywhere but are done by every Indian. I am going to discuss major 10 of those points and I am pretty sure most of you are going to relate to it easily.

  • Decorating House Better Than Others:

Well, I have this curious completion of decorating my house better than those of my neighbours. Yes, every year we change the latter, theme and colour of the lights to decorate the home. Honestly speaking, it is for this lighting tradition that I wait for this festival eagerly.

  • Abandoning Dry Milk (Mawa):

Have you also been reprimanded for bringing sweets containing reduced dry milk in it? We all have. Brown parents are severely obsessed with abandoning reduced dry milk, especially during Diwali time. They would not say anything to you for eating Maggi but dare you to have Mawa sweets.

  • Storming Social Media:
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So, social media lovers would relate to this. From the decoration of the house to the plate of diyas, from rangoli to gorgeous looking dishes, they all are on your social media handles, right? All the social media are about sweets, lights, crackers and ethnic wear. Yes, this has been among the millennials.

  • Mandatory Ethnic Wear:

Diwali does it even feel like Diwali if you don’t wear ethnic on this festival. Yes, we all prepare the best of our outfits to be worn in this festival. Getting ready for this festival is different from craze especially among teenagers.

  • Unpacking of Gifts:

Well, this is the best part if this festival. From going on a shopping spree for Diwali gifts for our loved ones to getting gifts from our loved ones. We all love this tradition of gifting to our loved ones followed by unpacking of gifts. My most favourite element of this festival is the unpacking of the gifts.

  • Rangoli Saga:

Well, this is a saga played mostly among girls and women. Every year women do make beautiful rangolis at their home and have a competitive spirit burning inside. Best if best designs are made by women at their terraces or the entry of their gates. We all know how proudly women then flaunt their rangoli.

  • Homemade Desserts & Feasts:

The Masterchef inside every mother comes out during Diwali which in return is a big relief for us, We hop onto these deliciously made homemade desserts and feats & online gifts. There is something so unique and mouth-watering about the Diwali desserts and delicacies.

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If you could relate to most of these facts then there you go, being a typical Indian by heart, Share these facts with your friends, siblings and cousins too and do relate to these together.

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