Top 3 Shocking Fast Food Industry Secrets


You already know the fast food industry is to your waist what cigarettes are to your lungs.

Even so, just like smokers who knowingly shave years off their lives, many Americans find themselves at one of these fat-laden grease pits several times a week, if not every single day.

Sure, it's fast, easy, and cheap, but so are those "ladies of the night" on the street corners you pass every night on your way to McDonald's, and they are not exactly great for your health either (side order of STD's , anyone?).

If the slop these restaurants serve you was not enough, it turns out many of the suits behind these chains are just as greasy as their deep fryers, and are serving you even more slop through their carefully worded claims and marketing techniques.

Top 3 Shocking Fast Food Industry Secrets

  1. What you do not know, CAN hurt you. Several chains and restaurants do not even know or give you access to nutritional information for the food they serve. Some claim since they make everything by hand, it would be impossible to do so. Tell that to the near 50 chains that already do!
  2. Fat is NOT just a number. The term "low-fat" is thrown around just about anything to give an illusion of healthy options. For example, Applebee's "low-fat" chicken quesadillas pack a whopping 742 calories, along with nearly 100 carbs, in a single order.
  3. The French's secret. Ever had Burger King's French toast sticks? Mmmm, they are so sweet and yummy, right? Did you know those seemingly innocent breakfast trees share the same trans fat-filled deep fryer with pork sausage, pork fritters, Chicken Tenders, chicken fries, Big Fish patties, hash browns, onion rings, and Cheesy Tots? The more, the merrier, right ?!

Shocking, no? In fact, maybe it's not. Perhaps we have just come to expect these kinds of misleading and downright harmful practices and chosen to accept them, simply because, "It tastes mmm, mmm good."

Source by Brandon Johnsonn

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