ID Lanyard

Things to Consider While Choosing Your ID Lanyards


That’s an obscure piece of apparel, although companies are requiring customized id lanyards, which employees must wear at all times inside office. There’s an increasing order of it and most multinational companies even consider the use of identity card lanyards as mandatory.

A lanyard is a cord that is sewn along with the attached clip and requires wearing around the neck. There are various clip options to select according to the use of your lanyard. If you are interested in considering more points about its purpose and advantages of use, continue reading this piece.

A lanyard is useful to carry identity cards or keys and isn’t required to attach with any of your clothing. There are so many professionals who consider the use of lanyards as mandatory nowadays. Thus, some academic or other professionals also require carrying access identity at conferences or special events, for which id lanyards is the right choice.

Here are some common clip attachment options –

  • Split Key Ring
  • Bulldog Clip
  • J-Hook w/Split Key Ring
  • Swivel Bulldog Clip
  • Swivel J-Hook
  • Lobster Clip
  • Split Key Ring w/Bulldog Extender

Why You Should Use Lanyards?

That’s extremely important choosing the right custom-design lanyards for the correct purpose. Here are significant reasons why you must use an obscure piece of equipment as mandatory workwear–

  • To opt for short term usage, including conferences or special event where entrant(s) requires to access badges, selecting weightless lanyards with split key ring clips attached as an extra pouch is perfect.
  • If you are selecting for regular workwear, you must choose sturdy lanyards with safety breakaway and clip-on options. These sorts of lanyards are an ideal choice for carrying identity cards and keys, especially for coaching centers, maintenance sectors, and manufacturing unit workers.
  • In case you want something unique and amazingly stylish as workwear, you must simply opt for satin, (commonly known as colored) lanyards. These types of lanyards are personalized with graphics and created with colored photography.
  • In case you are working in after-dark areas, such as – night security guard or security surveillance, you must consider buying reflective lanyards.
  • If you are ordering lanyards for ID badges, for any special event pass or similar sort of use, don’t forget to order badge holders along with id lanyards

Lanyards for Employee ID Cards & Staff Badges

The most common use of lanyards is to hold access badges while attending conferences or any special event, like trade shows. This useful piece of equipment is used in various sectors as everyday workwear by employees, staff, and academic professionals.

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Here are some important examples of everyday use of id lanyards –

  • Corporate Offices
  • Colleges – Students & Staff
  • Government Employees
  • Concert/ Event Staff
  • Gyms & Health Clubs
  • Hospitality Industries
  • Healthcare Workers
  • Teachers/ Academic Professional
  • Media

That’s enough discussion about the purpose and importance of using customized lanyards for daily workwear!

Ok! Let’s hope that you’ve found this lanyard guide helpful. If you want to include some more points and want to consider more, please mention us in the below comment box.

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