The sad truth about the world and the changes that are to come

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Have you went through life dfeeling und und like something was wrong with the world. Like things just didn’t make sense when you think logically. For instance it is far better to give than to recieve this world only revolves around getting. Its sad that everything revolves around money. Wouldn’t it make much more sense to to give more than to make a profit off of everything. As it is written the love of money is the root of all evil. Its sad when I know many people only do what they do because of money. Its a fact. Without money you can’t do anything in the world. Its a sad concept. Its a terrible feeling knowing their are starving children and families but yet the goverment and people do nothing about it. Every year people become homeless. These people left with out anything or any way to make it. Its as if they have become outcast Whats really sad is the people that actually do care are poor themselves. Its a total lose/lose situation. I always wondered why people allowed things to continue this way. I realize most people in othe world accept the concept of money but at the same time they  are greedy. People are only out for   themselves now days. The world  has become so corrupt and lost  that family means nothing anymore. No one means a thing in this generation. With so much hate and hipocritical people no wonder

things are the way they are. No one cares. No one would listen either. We live a sad way of life due to peoples own actions. I can say a rude awaking is coming. These people have no faith in anything only their possessions. Anymore i think people feel better after doing a wrongful deed. A world where people love and enjoy the drama and only want to keep the misery and pain moving forward. A time is coming where these people are going to recieve just what they deserve. You reap what you sow. TBut honestly its a lot worse than  that. The horrors that await are unimaginable. The truth is its not worth it. People know exactly what they are doing. The fact of the matter is i can’t wait to see justice served. I hope its far worse than what everyones expectations are. There are many people just looking for their next victim. But there is hope. God is going to return. My honest opinion is god is on the earth right now active preparing for his opening scene in glory and power. It will soon be revealed who he is. God has always been active and at the forefront of battle since before this began. God is a mighty most powerful warrior. He is going to crush the wicked as he returns. The wicked and the evil are actually slaves in bondage. The devil can’t do anything and when he wants to he has to ask God. Im sure that the devils time is up with humanity. And all further request from the evil one will be denied. The really great news is those of us who have kept moving forward and kept the faith will recieve many treasures. I’ve realized life can be a battlrfield. We are at war. I know the righteous have already won. What really gets. me is why would people choose to be wicked. I have my own concept on this issue. Wicked people deliberately cause strife, drama, heartache, and pain in peoples lives. What I’m getting at is whats the point in that. They truly are worthless human beings.  My definition of that is they are  retarded. Its the true definition of a retard. They have no purpose in life. They are not getting anywhere and they are definitely on their way to hell. God is probably setting the stage for their bitter end as i write this article.  Times are fixing to change very soon. God could reveal himself any minute. As things move forward we only progress to the final end and the world knowing exactly who God is. The King of Kings is saying the end is very soon.

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