The Fearless Food Feedback Loop


I listened to someone put my message into a nutshell- the "eat well" message- and talk about how my presence inside her head helped her to make good choices. I'm glad for that! Of course I worry a little that if "I" am appearing around the place like a little Princess Leia hologram, dispensing inspiration to eat well … well I hope I agree with my hologram's advice.

I thought I might do my own nutshell-summary of my advice. (I tried to do this last night, but it was not very short because I'm such a windbag! But I'll try again now.)

If I were to distill it down to one sentence, it would be this: "Stay fearlessly connected to your body and keep your body palpably connected to the larger Universal Energy."

I say "fearlessly" connected because, frankly, sometimes it purely sucks to inhabit our bodies. Apart from physical discomfort, which can become constant, emotions are felt viscerally. In our viscera. Emotions can feel like a punch in the gut. BELIEVE me, I know the desire to escape the body.

On top of these two, the very potent message we internalize from our patriarchal culture is that rationality is somehow unquestionably superior to the murky, unpredictable emotional reality that every human being experiences. This results in a very real paucity of emotional tools and skills to know what the hell we are feeling, who is responsible for what and what might be an appropriate response.

That all feels like an overwhelming ball of yarn that will never be untangled.

But it's not.

If you're brave enough to sit through and observe the crappiest emotions, you'll notice that they wash through your body physically. They have a physical sensation which has a beginning and an end. And if you happen to time the sensation, you might notice that it feels WAY longer than it actually is. Even if you are going through something hellacious over months and years, it comes in waves that last minutes. Does that feel true to you?

It can take SO much energy to keep a feeling from ever visiting us. Wonder why you're tired? We really construct a whole personal method to not feel and it usually involves a food.

It's true, sometimes you're definitely not ready to feel something and you can not call it up. You can not scream at a flower to open up. But you CAN nurture it so that it has everything it needs to open. Yep- food again.

Source by Holly Noonan

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