Tate Chasers in Paris

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As the Tate Chasers World Tour made it’s way across Europe, trouble arose at their stop in Paris, this time it was not the drummer Chad Foster’s fault. Apparently a small group of protesters gathered outside the L’Empreinte Concert Hall, what seemed like a peace full protest turned ugly when some followers of Muhamad Albesuras showed up and blew up a small food stand, destroying it and damaging some nearby cars, no injuries were reported at the time of press. Tate’s Band Manager, Bret Keystone says that Tate Chasers was having lunch with his friend Roger Federer, yes the 18 time grand slam tennis player Roger Federer at the Restaurant Le Hanger in Paris, when the protest explosion occured at the L’Empreinte, Bret said he texted Tate and gave him an update, he later heard from Roger that Tate had been taken at gunpoint and pushed in to a car, Roger chased on foot but lost the car, he reported this to Police and then called Keystone. Chasers told his manager that he had been taken out to a small house in the countryside, after a few hours French police discovered the car and traced it, following what is to be believed as a brief standoff, the part still remains unclear. But according the Bret Keystone Tate Chasers was unharmed through the whole ordeal and remains in high spirits and they have no plans to cancel tonights show at the L’Empreinte or any other remaining shows on the tour. Also adding that Tate Chasers has a crazy adventure everyday on and off the stage, Bret said he also wanted to the thank the French Police for saving his butt and taking a couple of nasty criminals off the street.The Police report stated that Chasers was reported safe and unharmed, and two of the perpetrators were taken into custody. The concert tonight is still scheduled and the remainder of Tate Chasers World Tour is still a go. When Tate Chasers goes on tour he usaully plans it around sporting events, that may be why he’s in Paris at the same time the French Open is on. Reporting by Michel Forgat

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