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At STNGR USA, we believe in integrity of business. For us, that means providing only the best equipment, delivering consistently excellent customer service, and maintaining honest and fair prices for our durable, rugged products. It’s important for there to be a high standard when it comes to buying equipment, and our goal has always been to honestly and dependably meet and exceed such a standard. As avid lovers of the outdoors, we want only the best gear, and it brings us joy to provide the best to our fellow citizens as well.

Demand a New Standard of Excellence
STNGR USA is proud to construct our handguards from high-quality, American-made materials, assembled here in the USA. Our premium American-made aluminum handguards will look and feel excellent when in use. Our AR 15 Rail is incredibly durable despite its lightweight build. These meticulously crafted rails are also designed to be incredibly easy to install, making your experience as smooth as possible so you can simply attach your handguard without barrel nut timing! Any attachments you prefer can be simply and quickly added on, no stress necessary! Our free-float M-Lok and Keymod Ar 15 Rails will remove the need for your hand to come in contact with the hot barrel, offering you greater comfort and protection. The free-float design also helps to further improve your accuracy, as it helps to eliminate barrel warping.

Ditch The Retail Hassle
The traditional setup for purchasing accessories has always been to make a visit to your local retailer or check out any number of online retailers, compare prices, browse makes and models, etc. You would settle upon the style and brand that seemed to best fit your needs, and then you would shell out a considerable amount of cash because you did, after all, want to invest in a quality piece of equipment.

That’s what we ourselves did for years, and that was all well and good…until it wasn’t. When we founded STNGR USA, we had realized that time after time, we invested considerable sums of money into products made from low-quality materials. We were repeatedly dissatisfied with our purchases and found ourselves stuck with products we didn’t like, or having to deal with the hassle of returning our items and starting back at square one. What really confused us was the discrepancy between the prices and quality of the products. What we found was that the prices were inflated due to the retail markup – the additional fees lumped onto the original prices, due to the marketing add-ons.

One of the things that makes STNGR USA different from our competitors is that our handguards and accessories go directly from our hands to yours – there is no middleman retailer to jack up the prices! This was unheard of in the market when we started out, but there’s a first time for everything, so we did things our own way. When you purchase AR 15 Rails from us, you are getting the products directly from us, at the honest and fair prices that we believe should be the standard!

Customer Service You Can Count On
So many of the companies we ourselves had dealt with repeatedly let us down with unreliable customer service. At STNGR USA, we have always made customer service our priority. All of our products are backed with a lifetime warranty, and if you find that you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we want to know! We are dedicated to meeting your needs and following through to see that are you pleased with your products and satisfied with your overall experience. Once you join our SWARM, you’re one of us, and we have you covered!

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