The UnRevealed Prophecy of Jesus Christ

Your story

Many will not accept this even though it is truth. The King came to earth as a man perfect and holy. But what’s untold in the prophecy is God is coming back as a sinner as well. The reason for this is to have a standard to judge by when judging the sinners. So the question is who is God as a sinner and what would he be like. I believe the reason this has been hid in prophecy is simply for there would be people trying to target and know who he is after being born. I believe this part of the prophecy is taking place right now as we speak.  The Lord is active and taking action in the world.  The reason this part of the prophecy is very relevant and important is because God born as a sinner would become the Prince of Darkness.

Beyond Power

The King of Kings  would gain all the power of the Darkness and forever be Satan and the fallen angels master. This would put God in a position to take away the free will of Satan and those that follow him. Forever Satan and those that serve him slaves for eternity. I believe also The King of Kings will grant the darkness to those that are worthy. Right now is the the time to focus on gaining what you can from God’s Kingdom on earth. Go after the things money can’t buy.  Spiritual gifts can’t be bought and are forever. This is worth more than having all the possessions you could want on earth. Kings still exists as the last of the Kings has been born.

The King The Terrible will have a brand new meaning.  The King has experienced what you have plus far more. He to knows what it’s like to live a life as a sinner. He has felt your pain, your hardships, understands and is the author of life. Even as a sinner I would say God is still basically perfect. He shall prevail as he will live a life according to the standards of his word. This is all too easy for The Lord of Lords and shall bring forth the truth and the mystery of God shall be revealed.

I believe this part of the prophecy will be over and end soon. One reason being heaven and the hosts of heaven already know God Lives by his Word. Living by it as a sinner still undeniably easy. The most confusing part of the prophecy and which has already been defeated is the mental holocaust a battle that never ends but which in time is found that God has already defeated this and the world once again in life.

God tore it up and set it straight once and for all. I believe when a person reaches a certain point and have searched for the kingdom of God they do end up battling mental wars. A war fought inside the mind. God has already won this war. But in return we have our own war as well. Honestly if you are going down the right path it’s only a matter of time before you explode into greatness and into the world where Jesus is and he’s holding out his hand. Be warned this is beyond anyone’s comfort zone and there will be hell to pay before your battle ends. Rest assured it’s all worth it. Embrace the full prophecy of God and take on the Darkness today.  In the bible it plainly stated I wish you knew whether you are hot or cold but because you are lukewarm I spew the from my mouth. I have to say I’m not just writing this as some made up fairy tale.  I have had my own experiences with the information in this post. I have embraced my dark side.  In doing so I don’t do things that are wrong. I always do the right thing as one should.  But you can earn the darkness and light. It’s not just about the light anymore.  This part of untold prophecy is taking place as we speak. May you be wise enough to understand it.

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