Posture: The Window to Your Lifestyle Keys to Staying Happy and Healthy


Did you know that your post is the window to your body inside and out? In addition to your appearance, your posture tells the complete story: your level of flexibility; pain issues you may be experiencing; the health of your spell; and how well your organs are functioning. It is important to maintain good posture during standing, sitting as well as lying down in order to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Practicing good posture and receiving chiropractic care work in concert to enhance your health and reduce aches and pains.

A side view of the body illustrated the three natural curves of the spine. These curves allow our body to stand upright, be mobile and flexible. By maintaining a good posture your body is balanced because the nerves, bones, ligaments, tendons, joints, muscles and fascia are working in harmony. With no extra pressure on these areas the body can function at its best.

Poor posture creates a number of symptoms and ailments. In addition to the discomfort you may encounter, there is a limited range of motion which advances your body from moving freely without restriction. This is a problem when you are unable to easily turn your head when performing normal activities such as driving a car, riding a bicycle or motorcycle, playing sports, bending and other activities of daily living.

Poor post also affects your vital organs by affecting your spine. Spinal misalignment and corrections compress the nerves that exit out of the spell that control all systems of the body including but not limited to the digestive and cardiovascular systems. This can also lead to headaches and other problems such as vertigo, fatigue, insomnia, etc.

Your chiropractor can help alleviate the problems that stem from poor posture as they are trained to specifically locate the problems and correct them. Chiropractic adjustments restore normal movement, brings the body back in balance and re-establishes proper spinal alignment by removing the pressure from the compressed nerves. The chiropractor needs your help in maintaining proper alignment and balance by being cognizant of your post while standing, sitting and lying down.

While standing, make sure your shoulders are not honched over. This creates a lot of tension in the base of the neck and in between the shoulders. Keep your body balanced and try not to shift your body to one side as this creates an imbalance and where there is imbalance your can be sure that pain and aches will soon follow.

Sitting is the main culprit to poor posture. Whether at school or work, driving or riding motorcycles, our spines become severely compromised. Sitting places twice as much pressure on the spine than standing. If you have to sit for prolonged periods, make sure you get up and walk around and stretch at least every 30 minutes or so. While sitting, ensure your back is against the chair and your feet are flat on the floor, sit upright and avoid slouching.

A third of our lives are sleeping sleeping so it is important for us to sleep properly. Never sleep on your stomach. While on your stomach your head is turned either left or right for hours at a time, which alters your post by creating restrictions and not allowing complete range of motion. It is okay to sleep on your side and back but make sure you sleep on one pillow because you want your spine to be level while sleep.

How can you know if your post is good? The best time to check your post is when you get out of the shower. Without any clothes on, you want to close your eyes, walk in place 4 steps, open and observe. The top of your ears should be level; there should be no rotation or tilting of your head and your shoulders should line up evenly. Place your hands on your hips and make sure they are level. Your knees should also be level. While looking from the side, the top of the ear should be at the top of your shoulder.

Keeping good posture will not only add to a great appearance but more importantly, your quality of life will be enhanced and discomfort will be at a minimum. Be sure to check your post regularly. If you are experiencing any problems, your chiropractor can help you get back on track.

Source by Dr Brian Utley

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