KENT CamEye – A Device That Helps a Mom Track Driving Behavior of a Teenager


Being the mom of a teenager is like being a detective. You keep your eyes open and try to be physically active almost all the time. Keeping track of your kids becomes really difficult, especially when they are into their teens.

I being a mother of a 15-year-old boy, go through this almost every day. I cannot even ask him where he is going because if I do he gets into a war of words with me. He is my only son and I have to admit that he is a pampered one. We share a friendly relationship but that sometimes becomes a hurdle for me. He takes my car to various places without bothering to take my consent. I keep telling him to at least ask me before taking the car but he doesn’t seem to care.

I was looking for something that could help me get out of this problem. As a worried mom, a lot of negative thoughts started messing my mind. I could not think of anything positive and to get out of this I started watching TV. I had grown addicted to TV and then, one day I saw an ad featuring Shahrukh Khan, saying something about car security, which could relate to my problem. I went online to search for the product and read all about it. I researched well and saw some more videos. With all the research, I understood KENT CamEye is the only solution to my problems.

KENT CamEye Device

What is KENT CamEye?

KENT CamEye is one device combined with different onboard technologies. Apart from the usual tracking and recording of footage, it also live streams the video in real-time on a smartphone. What’s more, it has dual cameras offering views of everything inside and outside the car. It sends actionable alerts on the mobile phone when it detects something unusual using Artificial Intelligence.

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan is the brand ambassador for KENT CamEye. The device uses a mobile application as a medium to relay information to the user. The app is available for both, Android and iOS mobile phones. The user-friendly application allows the user to view the real-time location of the car, play back the route traveled by car, live stream inside or outside camera, and playback recorded videos of earlier trips, with Cloud.

It is a 4G powered, mobile app-based, plug, and play device that gets installed on the front windshield of the car. It stores the recorded videos on secure Cloud storage and syncs them on a mobile phone on a real-time basis. KENT CamEye also comes with inbuilt battery and memory backup so that it works even when the car is parked or out of network coverage area and many more amazing features.

How is KENT CamEye helpful to Mothers?

We need this device as it provides the following important features:

Real-time video recording:

It adds an extra layer of car security to your necessities. With the help of video recordings, a mother can anytime see what happened on the trip taken by her teen and can save the video on Cloud storage if needed.

Plug and play device:

KENT CamEye is easy to install the device and takes power from the 12V car socket, which does not interfere with the original electrical wiring. This way, the device never goes out of battery and a mother can get recordings of her son’s trips without any interruptions.

No footage or data loss:

With this new age security device, it is easy to manage and maintain the trip information and footage locally. KENT CamEye has Cloud storage to save the entire data of the device.

Network Access:

To view videos or get motion alerts when someone is trying to break into your car, you need network connection on both your phone and car surveillance cameras. While the network can be lost at places restricting you to record videos, KENT CamEye can be of help as it can record videos locally.

KENT CamEye is priced at Rs.17,999 and comes with a 3 months free subscription. In addition to the straight cost, the user must pay a monthly/annual subscription fee for using the Cloud features.

The company offers subscription plans on a monthly and yearly basis. Given below are the images of the plans.

KENT CamEye Subscription Plans

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