How to keep your cake fresh and last longer


There may be time when you love to savor your favorite dessert undoubtedly Cakes but then your tummy mama doesn’t permit you to feed more of it. Or maybe? You just ordered a cake in extremely large quantity that it was almost left out. Just like any other human, you would love to eat in the very next day and have the plethora of it. But storing and saving your cake is not a good thing and if you’re still doing it ,you need to be extremely careful. So don’t let all your midnight oil turn to a mere trash by permitting your cake to dry out. Also if you’re someone who loves to bake in advance these tips will be of great use for you thereby retaining and reserving your cake for the next day.

Unfrosted cake

Blanket an Unfrosted Cake layer tightly in a plastic wrap making sure all the top, corner ,sides and bottom of the cake are tightly secured. Now put on the wrapped layer in a plastic zip-top bag for about five days. Order also online cake delivery in Greater Noida.

If you still want to increase its lasting ability, then after you’re done wrapping it with plastic wrap ,envelope it again in aluminum foil and let it freeze.

Frosted cake

A frosted cake in itself  has a long lasting potential. The plastic wrap in it will itself play the role of a barrier thereby preserving and protecting it from air and moisture. Still to be on the safer side and ensuring its longevity, you can protect the cake from dust by covering it with a overturned bowl or a cake keeper.

Cut cake

Who said you cannot preserve a cake that has already been cut. Yeah its true that as soon as we cut a cake , we are basically opening the door for the moisture to escape up thus making the cake stale. But even then you can fortify it. Just envelope the cake with a plastic wrap directly on to the open, sliced sides or stuff the sliced corners with some more frosting so that the moisture inside it doesn’t blow out. Now order cake shop online in Ranchi.

Stale cake

Even your stale cake can be put in to use to make something worthy and utterly delicious desserts. Just mix the stale mixture into a blender or a food processor and roll them up ti make some trendiest, cute and luscious Cake Pops. We assure you that through this smart way you will be grabbing hundreds of praise and appreciation.

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