How to Completely Disconnect Instagram from Facebook


Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook…

That pretty much summarizes our social media app collection these days. We would swap between the same 3-4 apps the whole day just to call ourselves ‘busy’. What I do not get is the similar features that these apps have started introducing in the recent past. Talk of monotony. I have started losing interest in these apps as they have nothing unique to offer any more. There was a time when I used to get angry if Spectrum Internet availability in my area was down for some reason. Now, I do not. Because all I used to do was scroll down these apps. Now that these apps do not interest me anymore, the unavailability of the internet does not bother me much.

The thing that annoys me the most is people sharing the same picture or video on Instagram and Facebook alike. People, it’s time you disconnect your Instagram account from Facebook!

First, let’s have a look at the many ways people are using Instagram today…

Pictures and Videos

When Instagram was launched, the sole purpose of the app was to share pictures and videos with friends and family alike. You could call it a digital album where all your pretty and not-so-pretty photos were uploaded. With passing time, people started taking Instagram pictures rather seriously and started uploading ‘Insta worthy’ pictures of themselves on the app. Professionally edited or filter ridden pictures became a trend and it still prevails. Individuals continue to upload model-like pictures and different videos of themselves on Instagram.

Story Telling

The app later introduced the ‘story’ feature where you could put up a story for your friends to view within 24 hours. This feature was similar to that of Snapchat. Snapchat was created for videos and pictures to be shared with friends. However, they vanished after 24 hours.

Business Platform

As everyone saw that the app was becoming rather popular amongst the masses, companies started promoting their businesses through this social media platform. From bakeries to clothing brands, every business reaped the benefits from the app and many businesses grew as a result of it. Instagram gave birth to the idea of the contest including giveaways. The concept of hashtags, tagging friends on a post to win a certain product and sharing the post on your own wall rose. It continues to this day.


Famous influencers and celebrated personalities started giving shoutouts to each other. This further helped the businesses to bloom. If there was any brand or a new business that needed more followers, shout out was the way to go about it. By giving a shout out, the person announced that this brand/influencer/product is worthy of use and that they should follow them. This not only helped to increase the followership but also increased the sales of the brands.

Instagram and Facebook

All of the above-stated features that Instagram offered were acceptable. But then came a time when Instagram allowed users to connect it to Facebook. The introduction of this feature meant that whatever individuals were sharing on Instagram, the same was being posted on Facebook simultaneously. I won’t lie but at a certain point in time, I opted for this feature as well. Then I realized that my Facebook is by large similar to my Instagram follower list. So, there was no point in me connecting my Insta account to Facebook. So, I ended up disconnecting it. Here are the easy steps that I followed to do so:

  • Go to ‘options’
  • Locate the ‘settings’ tab
  • Look for ‘linked accounts’ and search for ‘Facebook’ in the list of linked accounts
  • Tap the ‘unlink’ button
  • A pop up would appear before you asking if you really want to unlink the two accounts, click ‘yes’.

And that’s it! Your work will be done in these five easy steps.

However, unlinking the two apps will not delete your previous Instagram photos that you had posted on Facebook as well. For that, you will have to follow a separate set of instructions. And the steps are a bit different for Android and Apple users. But this should not worry you because there isn’t much of a difference. It is as minute as the difference between the Spectrum Internet prices and Comcast Internet prices.

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