God is the One True Prince of Darkness – What This Means

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Fully Understanding

After you fully understand things in the right perspective you can unravel the truth. God created all things including the day and night.  All things were created for the enjoyment of our God. Everything God does glorifies him. The King of Kings is always earning from everything he does. The King The Terrible  will enjoy torturing those that are evil and the wicked in hell for eternity.

God The Prince of Darkness

The King of Kings has a dark side believe it or not.  But unlike the devil God reserves his darkness and true power until the great day of his final return. Knowing that God is the One True Prince of Darkness changes everything.  We know we will all have the power of Darkness as well. After God has became the One True Prince of Darkness which more than likely has already happened we can guarantee our salvation and place with God even though we embrace it.

Hot or Cold

As a human being you can be hot, cold, or lukewarm.  Considering the news of God himself being lukewarm only adds to the fire of the unknown and knowing we are headed for new things and amazing adventures.

God’s People and Snakes

On this new found light also don’t be deceived by snakes. Snakes also embrace the darkness but are not holy. For God’s people are set apart and are holy even with the darkness within them. Start working torwards your spiritual blessings today. If you have been living a good, faithful, forgiving life you need to ask yourself why are you not now born of the darkness and light.

Being Born

Maybe you are holding back something? Grudge, hating on someone,  believe me before you receive these blessings your heart and mind must be pure. The Lord of Lords tests the reigns and hearts of men. He knows everything about you. Even how you feel. As you are reading this know there are other people worthy who will soon embrace the darkness just as I have. The Lord has basically made Satan and those that follow him his slaves. They will be the true niggers of all time.  Everything is changing very quickly.  Soon the trumpet will sound and God will return as in Revelation.

The Rapture

I’d say it’s just a matter of time before God removes his people and the greatest party in history begins, The marriage supper of the lamb. Everyday is a gift not a given right. Make the right choice and become a warrior for Christ.  Embrace the darkness and kick total ass in this war called of God.

False Christ’s

Everyday now you hear of someone proclaiming to be Christ.  I can guarantee Christ knows who he is on this earth and is not going to announce it on social media or in the news but rather with a rude awakening starting with the sound of a loud trumpet the whole world will hear. So basically what it means knowing God is the actual True One and Only Prince of Darkness this means we will have the darkness as well.

Embrace Your Inner Darkness

As to why we should embrace it. Honestly God is beyond the master of horror as we will find out after we see hell and the insanness contained their in. I can guarantee no one will think of the horror there is when it comes to hell. It’s going to blow your mind. I would say as other things for instance no man has heard, nor seen, nor entered into his mind the things that God has for those that love him same goes for the hate and devices, unimaginable horror for all those who hate God.

Master of Horror

The True master of horror is here. And horror awaits those who are unworthy of God and his people.  Make strong now for the kingdom of God is here as well as God’s people. We are to move the Kingdom of God forward as we live our daily devoted lives for Christ.  The mystery of God shall be revealed soon. Be ready for The One, The King, The Terrible.  The Prince of Darkness.

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