Finding Solid Carbide End Mills For Sale


Machining is an intense process, especially when you are working on machining metal parts. The strain on your milling cutters can be extreme, which is why it is important to invest in tools that are designed to hold up to the heat and speed that comes with milling. Materials like stainless steels will lose their temper at the high temperatures that come with high speed cutting. If you are looking for the bet tools possible, you need to find solid carbide end mills for sale.

A lot of machining shops save money by purchasing subpar cutting tools. You can find milling cutters from overseas for cheap, but you really do get what you pay for. Many of these so-called “solid carbide” end mills are made from low quality carbide stock or are simply carbide tipped or coated. While using these tools can help you save a little money in the short term, you will undoubtedly be shelling out some more cash soon to replace them when they fail.

If you are looking for tools that are actually designed to last, you need to find cutters made from high-quality carbide tool stock. Solid carbide end mills are designed to last longer without losing their cutting edges. This tough construction is a result of how carbide, a ceramic material, is used to make tool stock. This strong stock is then ground using special CNC grinders to become the end mills and drill bits we are familiar with.

Almost all tools are constructed from tungsten carbide. In its natural form, tungsten carbide is a powdered ceramic material. While this material is twice as rigid and dense as steel, it cannot be used to make tools by itself. In order to be used in tool construction, this fine ceramic powder has to be held together with a bonding material. In the case of tool carbide, cobalt metal is used as a binding material. This final ceramic metal hybrid, or cermet, material has several advantages over metal alloys for tool construction.

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The largest advantage of tool carbide is its ability to retain an edge. At high speeds the cutting tool becomes hot and in the case of metal tools, they can lose their temper, causing them to soften. Ceramics have a rigid atomic structure, meaning they do not lose their temper at high speeds. In addition to holding their strong cutting edge, these tools are also far more stable than a metal tool. At high speeds, metal tools can shift and oscillate. Because carbide tools are so rigid, they are less likely to oscillate. This helps to ensure a clean cut even when you’re machining at high speeds and feeds.

If you are looking for high quality solid carbide end mills for sale, you need to check out Online Carbide. They manufacture a wide range of end mills and drill bits including thread mills, drill mills, stub drills, and more. Many of their end mills are also coated in titanium aluminum nitride, a protective coating that helps provide an extra layer of heat protection to your cutting tools. All of their tools are available at manufacturer direct pricing so you can still save big on their high performance carbide end mills.

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