Business Success Depends on Your Purpose – Living – Lifestyle – Legacy


What's your purpose for being in business. Did you realize how important purpose can be to your ultimate business success?

One of the major influences we can have on our business success is our purpose for being in business. For some, the main purpose is about generating a living, or simply making an income we can live off while we do something we enjoy. That is a basic purpose we all have and we need to generate a living for our survival. However, creating a living is only about survival, not true business success. For others, being in business is about creating a lifestyle, or using the business to create a significant income that enables a level of financial independence and the freedom to spend your time pursuing pleasurable activities other than work. That's a major benefit of being in business. It provides an ability to create a lifestyle that is normally not possible with a normal job.

At another level, some people have an ambition to build a legacy, or a business that provides something for others into the future. Building a legacy means more than providing for yourself. It means that you create opportunities and income for people and products or services of value to people in the community. If your purpose is about contribution you are often inspired to go to greater heights than when you sincerely provide for yourself. When you provide for yourself, you are happy to stop when you reach a point of satisfaction. However, when you are inspired to give, at what point do you say, "That's enough?"

When your purpose is to build a legacy, you are far more inclined to reach your full potential than when you are satisfied you have done enough to please yourself. This is not about judgment or what's right or wrong. Just be aware that if you opt for anything less than creating a legacy, you are likely to be limiting your business potential. Your choice to feel satisfied with anything less than your full potential creates a ceiling on your ability to achieve all that is possible. If you want to achieve your full potential in business, a higher purpose, to create a legacy, is most likely to be the key that unlocks that potential.

Source by Greg Roworth

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