4 Traits to Look for in Good Catering in Philadelphia


Philadelphia is a city of opportunity and diversity; no matter what you’re looking to find in the City of Brotherly Love, someone is ready to help you get it. Some of the best food, drinks, sights, and sounds can be experienced in the streets of Philadelphia, and if you’ve got an event in the works, it’s understandable that you’d want to get the best Catering in Philadelphia you possibly can. Every year, thousands of events of all kinds are hosted in this vibrant city, and with so many incredible options at your fingertips, it can be easy to get overwhelmed in your search for the right caterer. Here are a handful of traits that can really help you knock it out of the park:

1. Look for Experience
As with many professions, caterers with experience in their field are likely to suit your needs better than total newcomers. One of the best traits you can look for in a caterer is how long they’ve been catering in Philadelphia. Local experts know where to hire the best talent, find the freshest ingredients, and connect with the brightest innovators in the catering business. It’s not even just about years in business either; some companies quickly nail down their expertise by continually working the cities most prestigious events. Choose a caterer with experience, and you’ll find yourself with a peace of mind you’ll hardly find elsewhere.

2. Check Out the Menu
Sometimes, the menu of a catering company can tell you more about the company than anything else. If you see a catering company that mostly offers “safe,” basic food options, you might be looking at a company that lacks in confidence. At the same time, having too extensive of a menu can also be a red flag. Certain businesses offering catering in Philadelphia might have the biggest menu in town, but how often do their chefs actually prepare each of the meals on that extensive menu? You’d be amazed by the quality that can be found in catering companies that offer simple menus for which they have honed their skills.

3. Know the Leaders
Often, it’s the catering companies with the most distinguished and innovative leadership that can truly bring an incredible, high-value experience to your event. Food is beyond important to us, culturally and biologically. We tend to remember a good meal, even in light of other major events. When choosing a catering company, you need someone who understands this fact to be in charge. Good leadership, especially leaders who have a true passion for food, is going to bring excellent catering service, no matter the event.

4. Consider Suitability
Not every catering business is going to be the right match for your event. There are some caterers who tend to focus on light food, deserts, or even purely vegetarian meals. While these might be perfect for some events, you should certainly consider the fit before you buy into anything. Sometimes specialization is the key to having an event that truly stands out, so finding that one catering restaurant that will match the food with the tone of your event can be the missing piece to the puzzle.
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